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Metal Swap Meet 2021 Vendor User Agreement

By buying vendor spots, you agree to the following:

Arrive no later than 9:00AM on Saturday, October 16, 2021 at the following address: Setting Sun Sake8680 Miralani Dr UNIT 120, San Diego, CA 92126

We will supply you with (1) 2.5×6 foot table, and (2) folding chairs. You may bring a canopy that fits in your 10×10′ space. It cannot exceed beyond that, as a courtesy to your neighbors. 

Power is NOT provided. No generators please. If you have silent battery power, that’s fine.

Please have our tables and chairs free by 5:30PM. They are rented, and need to be picked up. 

Please be nice to our staff. They are volunteers, and do this for the love of the event. We also expect the staff to be courteous to all vendors and attendees. 

No alcoholic drinks in the outside areas, including your vendor space. There are breweries and a winery on site. Feel free to enjoy adult beverages there. If you are spotted with an alcoholic beverage outside of designated areas, you will be asked to dispose of it, or to leave. Please be respectful to us on this one.

Please clean up. Bring a bag for your trash, and take it with you. Do not leave your broken canopies, chairs, or anything else. If we find out you left trash, you will not be allowed to vend at future events. Do not fill up the dumpsters for the business park.

Watch your merch. We have not had many issues with theft, and we don’t want any issues. Bring a friend or two to help you watch your stuff. Also help your neighbors. We are a community and look out for each other. 

Want to sponsor? Get a hold of me. You can sponsor for as little as $400, and it includes a priority vendor spot near the entrance. You also get your logo on the flyer as well as social media shout outs.

Flyer is coming soon. We don’t have live music nailed down yet, but we are talking to a few metal bands, and we will have bands this year for sure with a proper stage like in 2019. We will also have Derek Riggs and DJ Katon back. 
If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me, and I will try to respond in a timely manner. 
Vendor spots can be purchased via credit card or Paypal at the link below. Thank you!

Metal Swap Meet 2021 update coming soon

Yes, there will be a Metal Swap Meet in 2021

We have been many questions about if and when to expect the next Metal Swap Meet. We have been looking at the current COVID climate and have decided that it’s quite possible to have the event this year, we just are not sure about the capacity of the event. We will have a date and location announced very soon. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication!

On another note, keep an eye on our YouTube channel and Podcasts, as well as our Facebook page. We often discuss things there that we forget to post here.

No Metal Swap Meet in 2020 (and other news)

Safety of our community is our highest priority

These are obviously not ordinary times. 2020 has seen cancellations of major US festivals like Psycho Las Vegas, and Maryland Deathfest. Hospitalizations and deaths in the US continue to climb. Regulations seem to change from week-to-week, regarding nearly all facets of our public life. Metal Swap Meet has always been about the metal community. We want our attendees, vendors, staff, and bands to have a great experience, and to be safe. The thought of any of our metal family getting sick, or worse, is terrifying. We have decided to cancel the Metal Swap Meet for 2020. Your continued support is so inspiring. We plan to have the next Metal Swap Meet in October 2021. We really appreciate the support from our hosts Setting Sun Sake. Please support them in this time of need by ordering some sake online. We hope to be back at their location for the next one!

Many of our vendors rely on the Metal Swap Meet for income, and if you are a vendor, and would like a mention on our social media platforms, contact us. If you would like to support our vendors, buy from them online. If you don’t remember who they are, feel free to contact us, and we will try to track down their information for you.

Metal Killing Hunger

In more positive news, we have teamed up with Norm Leggio (Psychotic Waltz, Nukem), who was owner of Blue Meannie Records, and have been auctioning off some rare metal merch on our Facebook page. All proceeds go to San Diego Food Bank. We have had so many generous bidders, and there are still more to come.

Metal Trivia

Speaking of Facebook, we have been live streaming metal trivia on about a bi-weekly basis. Come hang out with Brian, Israel, Vince and Luis, as we try to stump your metal knowledge. We respond to your comments, and it’s just a fun time in general. We tend to do it every other Thursday. Check your local listings on our page.

Have any questions or suggestions? Drop us a line.

Metal Swap Talk Episode 003 Interview Derek Riggs, artist for Iron Maiden at High Dive

Metal Swap Talk interviews Derek Riggs, creator of Eddie and artist for the early Iron Maiden art. He tells us about living in London in the 1970s, being influenced by Jack Kirby, living in America, his opinions on Salvador Dali, who he wanted to work with, and his future travel plans. High Dive in San Diego hosted our interview, and we talk about a unique event coming up.

Meet Derek at Comic Con or at The High Dive on Sunday, July 21 2019 at 5:00pm.
Check out his website for cool photos, art prints, and stories about his art. Organizers from Metal Swap Meet will be there.

A huge thanks to Derek and Kim for the interview. Also thanks to Debbie and the whole staff at The High Dive. Check them out for great craft beer, tiki cocktails, fantastic burgers and fries, and great service!

Metal Swap Talk video interview with Derek Riggs
Listen to the Audio interview with Derek Riggs

Check out Metal Swap Talk on Youtube and podcasts!
Metal Swap Talk is a show by metalheads in San Diego, for metal fans in San Diego, Tijuana, Los Angeles, Mexicali, and beyond. We discuss new albums, shows, interviews, and more. Support metal! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

Metal Swap Talk Episode 002 Nocturnus, Rotting Christ, Necrochamber

We review albums from Nocturnus A.D., Rotting Christ, and interview Nocturnal Overlord while listening to the new Necrochamber album, ceremonies for the dead. We also announce some Metal Swap Meet news.

Metal Swap Talk Episode 002 Video

Metal Swap Talk Episode 001

Watch the video
Or just listen to the audio. Also available on podcast feeds.

Our first episode of our new vlog/podcast Metal Swap Talk. Here you meet Brian, Israel and Nocturnal Overlord, and they discuss heavy metal in San Diego and beyond. In this hour episode they will interview Jason Carlson from Home Brew Mart – Ballast Point, review the new Possessed album “Revelations of Oblivion” go over some news about the next San Diego Metal Swap Meet, upcoming concerts, and a little about ourselves.

The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and Google Podcasts.

Halloween Costume Contest at Metal Swap Meet

We will be giving away prizes from our friends at Brick by Brick and House of Blues San Diego. Come in costume and the best costumes will get free tickets!

Metal Swap Meet 2018 Halloween costume contest

Metal Swap Meet 2018 Vendor Info

Thank you for being a vendor at Metal Swap Meet 2018.

Please read this whole page before contacting us with questions. Here’s what you need to know about vending.

  • Your space is 10×10 feet
  • Vendors need to arrive no later than 9am. If you are late, you will be denied without refund. 
  • No alcoholic beverages in the vendor areas. If they are found, you will be asked to leave.
  • Vendor spots are first come, first serve. The people who arrive last will be positioned furthest away from the entrance.
  • We provide you with a 6 foot x 30″ table, and 2 folding chairs.
  • There are no electrical hookups on site this year.
  • You may bring a canopy that is no larger than 10×10 feet.
  • You may have 2 people at your booth.
  • Vendors may not unload from, or park vehicles in the Metal Swap Meet area. You will need to cart in your stuff from where you parked (see map below)
  • Pack up all your stuff. Do not leave trash, canopies, or anything else. Just leave the table and chairs we provided for you.
  •  Look after your neighbors. We have not had issues with shoplifters, but please help each other out by being watchful.
  • Smoking only in permitted designated areas.
  • Have fun! This year, we wanted to spotlight our awesome vendors, and we thank you for being a part of the Metal Swap Meet!

The red area is the vendor area, the blue areas are where you can park. You may park at the Performance Archery parking lot. All other lots from neighboring business are at your own risk. We are not responsible if your car is ticketed or towed.


2017 San Diego Metal Swap Meet recap


METAL SWAP MEET (San Diego) organizers / participants issue 2017 event recap report

The San Diego METAL SWAP MEET recently held their 8th annual event at the Quartyard in downtown San Diego, California.

This year’s event featured American power metal godfathers JAG PANZER as the headliner musical act on the main stage on site and Phil Anselmo’s SUPERJOINT as the headliner at the official after-party held at the legendary Brick by Brick concert club located off site.

In addition, meet and greets were held with members of JAG PANZER, SUPERJOINT, HIRAXNUNSLAUGHTER, legendary heavy metal producer Bill Metoyer. Original IRON MAIDEN cover artist Derek Riggs once again was present selling copies of his original artwork, books and shirts with legendary and classic designs. Hirax vocalist Katon W. De Pena was the DJ throughout the day and played tons of classic and obscure metal music for the attendees. An overwhelming and endless selection of metal merchandise and vinyl vendors, were on hand in addition to the crew from METAL BLADE Records and San Diego’s own road master mobile burger stand FULL METAL BURGERS.

After a 30 day recuperation period, the San Diego Metal Swap Meet organizers have issued a recap of the 2017 sold out event:

Brian Parker (Metal Swap Meet Founder): “I was blown away by the reception at the 2017 Metal Swap Meet! The vendors brought some great merchandise, the attendees had amazing attitudes, and of course, I was absolutely floored by Jag Panzer’s performance! Moving to a larger venue gave us a lot of freedom, and it brought a better experience for everyone. Now let’s get hyped for 2018!”

Israel Pelayo (Metal Swap Meet Lead Organizer): “To be honest we were a little nervous while planning this years Metal Swap Meet, going to a new outdoor venue in a new part of town and all that entailed, but at the same time had high expectations that were met and even surpassed. From the amazing performance of Jag Panzer who just blew me away to the way everyone enjoyed our meet and greets and our great staff, to the huge number of metalheads who supported us this year we couldn’t have a asked for a better day. This year really demonstrated to us that we are going in the right direction and we are happy to provide such a special event to Metal fans from all over. We have many more great features planned for next year and hope even more people attend the San Diego Metal Swap Meet”

In addition, members of Jag Panzer, Hirax and Full Metal Burgers provided additional comments:

Jag Panzer vocalist Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin: “The swap meet was amazing. So much to do and see from the metal community. People were receptive and engaging. The management was top notch and very friendly. I now want to play every year with all 3 of the bands I am affiliated with.”

Hirax vocalist / metal DJ Katon W. De Pena: “I’ve been watching the San Diego Metal Swap Meet consistently grow every year. They stay true to the underground heavy metal work ethic. I am proud to be a part of it. It is a gathering of fans who celebrate all of the aspects of heavy metal music. The camaraderie and respect is something to behold! To those who have not had a chance to come and visit the San Diego Metal Swap Meet… this is the place to be! Music, Culture, Art, Merchandise / memorabilia, ice cold beer (for the adults) as well as family fun for all … it is here under one banner!”

Full Metal Burgers owner and chef Ben commented: “Full Metal Burgers was honored to be a part of the 8th Annual Heavy Metal Swap Meet in San Diego. We couldn’t think of a better event for us to cater and it felt like home for us. This was easily our most successful event to date and the positive response and feedback from all of the attendees and event organizers was overwhelming. We’re already looking forward to being back, bigger and badder next year.

I expected to have a chance to walk around and take in the best that the Southern California metal community had to offer for merch, meet and greets and live music but we were so slammed as soon as we opened that I never got the chance. By the time the horde was done feasting it was time to pack up and head out so I’ll need to get there earlier next year to make it around. By all accounts though, this was a fantastic event, the crowd was amazing, and Jag Panzer killed it from what we could hear. Thank you to all the organizers”

For the latest news, visit the official San Diego Metal Swap Meet and Full Metal Burgers website and Facebook pages:

Official San Diego Metal Swap Meet website

Official San Diego Metal Swap Meet Facebook page

Official Full Metal Burgers Facebook page

Biography: Since 2009, the San Diego Metal Swap Meet has brought a unique event to Southern California. The event provides a place for metal merchants to sell their clothing, art, CDs, vinyl, patches, and just about anything else heavy metal related. It also offers a DJ, playing everything from early heavy metal favorites, to obscure metal gems. This is not only a merchandise central event, but it is also a social event, where old friends meet, and new friends are made.

The San Diego Metal Swap Meet has a tradition of offering an all ages avenue for the younger crowd to experience the record store vibe of the 80’s and 90’s, while also seeing a well known live band, to close the event, all for a very affordable door fee.

Past Performers and Special Guests:

*DJ Katon (from HIRAX)
*Derek Riggs (IRON MAIDEN cover artist)

Thank you!

Photo by Ted Banks

Metal Swap Meet 2017 was a big success!  We had over 1,500 people visit, and everyone looked to be having a great time.  Special thanks to Katon from Hirax, for DJing the event.  Big thanks to our friends at Jag Panzer for playing.  They totally killed!  Thanks to the vendors for being patient while we worked out a few kinks, due to the new venue.  Huge thanks to all who attended.  You were respectful, patient, and an absolute pleasure to party with.  Big thanks for signing at the Metal Icons table, Bill Metoyer, Don “of the Dead” Crotsley, Don Doty, Katon, and Jag Panzer. Thanks to Quartyard for hosting the event, and our sponsors Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Metal Blade Records, Lock and Shock Music Merchandise, Del Mar Blue Print, Brick by Brick, Dark Descents Records, Modern Times Beer, SD Tech Building Solutions, and GraphicLab Promotional Products. Also, a huge thanks to our volunteers!

A quick note for interested vendors, we will have a public form where vendors can sign up, and we will select vendors based on relevancy and other criteria.  This is to provide the best experience to the attendees.

We will update this from time to time, but the best way to stay on top of the latest news from the Metal Swap Meet is to follow our Facebook page.

Thank you,